If only my mother could see me now...

Seriously – I bet she’d be so proud. I can only imagine what her hope for me was – perhaps she wanted me to be a lawyer or a doctor making a six-figure income, marrying a wholesome wife that she would approve of, and buying a house only a short walk away from hers so I would be able to go over for dinner every Sunday.

Instead, I’m halfway around the world in Germany desecrating my body with countless tattoos, drinking enough alcohol to sink an aircraft carrier, and throwing parties in brothels at which I draw penises with my finger out of the sweat that’s accumulated on the bathroom mirror…

Like I said – so proud.

But you know what? I think the funnest moments in my life have come from things that my mother would have NEVER approved of, or from things that she specifically told me not to do. But enough about my mother. The point is, it’s fun to be bad. And that was exactly what we were thinking when we decided to throw a private party at a brothel in Düsseldorf, Germany.

If you haven’t noticed already, we love to throw parties and we do it VERY often. But to be sure, this was definitely something different in comparison to most of the club parties and events that we’ve hosted at our store in Cologne. This time around, we just wanted to take it to the next level of craziness. But you wanna know the real reason why we did it?

Because why the hell not.

The party took place on a rainy Friday night, on an dark, quiet and secluded side-street in the middle of the city. In other words, it was pretty much at the exact place where you’d expect to find a brothel.

The place itself was – in case you don’t know what a brothel looks like – more like a house than a club. The party took place over three separate floors of said house, all with bars set up and different music playing. The party was like if a Project X house party made love to a Las Vegas strip club and they had a baby together. Aside for the fact that that baby would probably have some serious family issues, it was most definitely one of the best parties we’ve ever hosted!

But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself…